Potluck Dinner Instructions

If you have an asterisk by your name it means you are responsible for contacting the rest of the group. If you cannot keep this commitment please find someone to substitute for you, but please let us know if you have done so.

Your Responsibility:

  • Bring a dish to share
  • Set up for potluck
  • Serve dishes provided by attenders
  • Clean up after potluck

Dinner Supplies: Hospitality Committee will provide basic supplies of milk, a loaf of bread, butter and 2 cheese pizzas which you will find in the Meeting House refrigerator. (Birthday cake will now be served First Sunday at rise of Meeting.)

Coffee: Directions for making coffee are posted near the coffee maker. Don’t make more coffee until you check on what returns from post Meeting coffee time. Usually there is enough.

Set Up: Turn on ovens to keep things warm depending on what comes in. Turn on power button for dishwasher to warm up before we eat. Directions are on front of dishwasher. Fill plastic silverware basin with sudsy water and place on dirty-dish pass-through. Set out plates, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, glasses, mugs. Clean tables and put tablecloths on tables. Salt and pepper can go on tables.

Serving: Before serving hold hands and ask someone to give blessing.

Clean up: Small children are to be kept out of the kitchen for safety’s sake; kitchen door can be closed. Please clean up thoroughly, leaving NO leftovers in the fridge or dishes on the drainboards. Tables need to be wiped. Dish towels and tablecloths need to be taken home to be washed and brought back the next week. Empty the coffee grounds, and UNPLUG THE COFFEE MAKER. Turn power off on dishwasher. Turn off exhaust fan over the stoves. Make sure exterior doors are locked and secure.

Donated Money should be put in an envelope or napkin and placed in the collection box with a note that these are donations from Potluck Dinner.

Thanks for all your help.